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The Secret of the Numbers

RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is a familiar number for you when you go shopping, isn’t it? As a smart consumer, you should learn about the secret of some important numbers in the Deals World. Join us for FREE and learn how to become a smart consumer!

There are 3 numbers related to your purchase:

  • Production Cost Price
  • Wholesale Price
  • Recommended Retail Price

Production Cost Price points to Manufactories; Wholesale Price points to Wholesalers; while Recommended Retail Price points to Consumers. Usually, a typical pricing structure would be doubling the Production Cost Price to get the Wholesale Price; and then doubling the Wholesale Price to get the Recommended Retail Price.

Let’s see an example of these 3 numbers for a T- Shirt.

        Manufactory                   Wholesaler                     Consumer
Production Cost Price      Wholesale Price      Recommended Retail Price
               $10                                   $20                                $40

So, if it is on sale, you will get benefits by purchasing the T- Shirt.

50% OFF ($20) : at its Wholesale Price

75% OFF ($10) : at its Production Cost Price

More than 75% OFF (≤ $10) : less than its Production Cost Price

100% OFF ($0) : A FREE gift for you! Get it ASAP!


Our aim is to discover the Best Deals of 50 – 100% from our partner retailers for you. So you can purchase the products at their wholesale prices, or their production cost prices,  or FREE!

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